• Data from Luminae, a company specialized in sustainable lighting, highlight the region as the third concerning energy savings projects for retail carried out, only behind SP and RJ.
  • Up until September 2014, 16% of Luminae lighting systems sales came from projects to retail businesses such as Verdemar, MartPlus and Coelho Diniz.
  • Aware of the market’s current needs which demand lower and lower costs, Luminae created an efficient lighting system with savings of up to 80%

    October, 2014: With constantly low retail growth rates and continuously increasing costs, the sector has strived finding ways to save. According to data from IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the retail sector grew only 4% in 2013; a much lower figure than the 12% recorded in 2010, although still 3.7% higher than 2012, according to Ibevar. Facing a necessity to retain their margins, supermarkets are seeking alternatives for saving. One of them is the remodeling of the store’s internal lighting, with a choice of systems which ensure better energy efficiency and lead to energy costs savings.

    The growth of Luminae (, a company specialized in commercial and industrial lighting focused on sustainability, is a consequence of this trend. Ever since its foundation in 2009, the company grew at a fast pace to meet the demands of the retail sector. In 2013 alone, 600 projects were carried out, a figure 40% higher than in 2012. The state of Minas Gerais ranks third concerning the demand for these types of projects, according to the company. “Belo Horizonte is an important Brazilian capital, with retail chains investing in novelties, similar to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. We expect a 75% growth in the region before the end of this year,” comment André Ferreira, Executive Director and Founder of Luminae.

    Economy: The Company develops technical lighting projects customized to each environment, reducing up to 80% of energy use. The company had a turnover of R$ 15 million in 2013, 25 times the value recorded at the beginning of its activities in 2008; forecasts say that, by the end of 2014, Luminae will grow 40% after the opening of a new factory, with a production capacity of 25 thousand luminaires a month, in an area of 1,800 square meters.

    Technology and Innovation: Such saving levels are only possible because Luminae developed a high energy efficiency lighting system, exclusive in Brazil, which uses a reflecting mirror with 95% reflection rate (conventional mirrors in the market record an 80% rate), a smooth mirror with curved geometry which maximizes the distribution of light beams. The luminaires are coupled with a customized technical lighting project developed for each environment.

    Sustainability: Luminae is also the only domestic company of the sector to meet all the efficiency standards demanded by international sustainability certificates such as the ‘Green Building’, an organization focused on fostering a sustainable construction industry.

    SuperMinas 2014: From October 21st to 23rd, Luminaire will attend the SuperMinas Fair showcasing participant’s detailed benefits of its exclusive lighting system. The event was organized by the Supermarkets Association of Minas Gerais (AMIS) alongside the Union and the Baking Industry Association of Minas Gerais (Amipão).. The fair expects to welcome over 55 thousand people from all over Brazil. There will be 420 booths spreading over a 25 thousand square meters area, divided into two pavilions: blue and red.


    SuperMinas 2014: 28th Congress and Supermarkets and Bakery Fair

    Dates and times: 10/21: After opening ceremony (around 3PM) until 9:30PM. 10/22 and 10/23 – From 2:30PM to 9:50PM

    Location: Expominas Av. Amazonas, 6030 – BH

    Luminae Booth: Blue Pavilion- Rua Ipatinga and Rua 7, 95.




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