Luminae Attends

The Knowledge Fair, promoted by the SIEEESP (Union of Educational Establishments in the State of São Paulo), will take place between days of September 20th and 22nd, held at the São Paulo Immigrant Conventions Center. Simultaneously to the Fair, the 16th Educational Congress will highlight the following issue this year: “Authority and limits in the family and school: Knowledge extends to behavior.”

The event will gather major schools in the State of São Paulo. Visitors will not only be able to visit booths of major materials and services suppliers for educational establishments, but will also have the chance of being up to date with lectures from famous professionals in the educational area.

Luminae’s attendance in the Knowledge Fair will be of much importance for schools, which have to be always concerned about the students’ learning process in classes. And for this, students need to count on good infrastructure, such as: comfortable desks, wide blackboards and, especially, ideal illumination.

A properly illuminated environment provides better learning conditions. This means that the classroom cannot have low or yellowish lighting, because certainly sleepiness and disinterest will arise in students during lessons. However, if the classroom is extremely illuminated, it won’t have a positive result either, because excessive lighting causes fatigue and migraines, according to research carried out on the issue. All considered, the school must be concerned with an ideal lighting resource, with the correct amount of luminosity for the desired student’s performance.

Luminae’s specialty is developing Lighting Efficiency Project which meets the standards  demanded by educational establishments in order to offer better educational conditions. Luminae always carries out a customized technical lighting study for each environment of the school, meeting all ABNT standards (Brazilian Association of Technical Norms).

During the Knowledge Fair 2012 Luminae will bring Technical Consultants to serve visitors one-on-one explaining Luminae’s Lighting system and to guiding them through which technical lighting resource is the most suitable for the school.



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