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Luminae was engaged by the food industry Kraft Foods, one of the largest companies in the market segment, to carry out a lighting project of its factory in the state of Pernambuco.  Moreover, a study was carried out assessing the lighting conditions of the industry, addressing the potential to improve working environment luminosity with an energy efficient factory.

To do that, Luminae designed an exclusive luminaire especially meeting Kraft’s demanded standards of care and protection for the food production environment.

Some attributes of the luminaire produced with polystyrene diffuser, designed by a hermetic model with self-locking nuts to ensure complete sealing of the luminaire in glass. However, its competitive edge lies on the lighting system used, with a T5 lamp coupled with a reflection mirror with varying curvature, which enables high energy efficiency levels increasing luminosity with the mirrored reflection, a system developed by Luminae.

With this project, the Kraft Foods industry achieved not the lighting quality of the environment, but also a substantial reduction of the monthly energy investment, with savings of up to 80% in consumption.

Source: Luminae

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