Participants of the Accenture research also show interest in energy management technologies.

Consumers are willing to acquire energy services from alternate suppliers, according to research by Accenture. At least 90% of interviewees manifest this opinion, across the 18 countries where the study was carried out, including Brazil. About 59% would by energy products and services from retail, 49% from phone companies and 45% of renowned sites. The interest for energy management automation technologies is present by 60% of the interviewees.

Regarding energy management, 57% of consumers would adopt an individual expense control program. About 30% of customers would pay 5% more in their bill for this program, and 89% would like the program to have an interface which is easy to understand. Almost a third of the interviewees (32%) would download apps to monitor their real-time energy usage. The study also points out that, to retain current customers, energy suppliers would have to diversify services offered and capitalize business partnership opportunities in order to bring more added values for the consumer.

Source: World of Marketing


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