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In the EDUCATIONAL sector, lighting can influence the student’s school performance. Classrooms must be designed in order to meet the lighting standards set by ABNT.

With the LUMINAE PROJECT CUSTOMIZATION, it is possible to calculate the mirror surface curvature and point the light beam straight to the student’s desks, taking more efficient and optimized advantage of the lamps’ light capacity. The blackboard must have a different lighting from the rest of the classroom, with a higher level of brightness. The project also takes into account the lamp color, where white lights are ideal for spaces which require concentration and productivity. Thus, lamps with a stronger yellow light must never be used in classrooms, where they may cause drowsiness among students.

The energy bill of educational establishments is a very important factor that should be considered. Usually, lighting amounts for 70% of the energy bill of a school. Therefore, not only is lighting quality important, energy saving is essential. Reducing costs in energy usage, the savings may be redirected to improve the facilities or to lower tuition values.

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