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In the INDUSTRIES sector, having good productivity and labor safety are important factors to its functionality, and are directly linked to the environment’s lighting quality. In compliance with ABNT set standards, each service area must have an ideal light level in order to guarantee good working environment and safety for staff activity, and the industries which do not comply with these demands risk being severely fined.

LUMINAE’S PROJECTS are prepared with the priority of meeting all the details and characteristics of industrial areas, in such a way that the environment encourages high levels of productivity and labor safety, ensuring a HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY lighting.

The energy consumption with lighting is quite relevant for an industry, especially for those operating 24 hour a day. Generally, either 110w fluorescent lamps (HO) or 250w/400w halogen metal vapor lamps (Globes) are used, which are very inefficient, spending too much energy, and not distributing well the light within the space. Thus, by replacing this low-efficiency system with a LUMINAE SYSTEM, great levels of energy saving are achieved, usually between 60% and 80%, as well as a substantial lighting improvement.

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