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In the SUPERMARKETS AND WHOLESALE sector, having well lit and well-presented environment and products is a major factor. The lighting quality may directly influence the increase of sales as well as the customer’s length of stay in a store. The lighting levels must be in accordance with ABNT standards, for a pleasant environment and a valued products display.

Luminae’s projects, completely customized to each space, take into account all of the location’s characteristics, calculating a GREATER LIGHTING QUALITY and improving the overall allocation of points of light, avoiding shadowed areas.

Moreover, ENERGY SAVING is highly valued in Luminae’s projects. The energy bill is one of the archenemies of a supermarket’s financial health. One of the ways to increase a store’s profit margin is to lower its energy consumption. In the past few years, managers of the sector have realized this and are creating various ways to save energy.

See below some of our client’s customized projects:

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