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What is Luminae’s Econometer?

Serviced by high efficiency lighting projects designed by Luminae, companies benefit from the results and at the same time support a more aware use of the natural materials and resources.

  • Energy savings of up to 80%
  • Substantial improvement of lighting
  • Reduction of lamps and reactors’ maintenance

To showcase these results objectively, Luminae has created the Econometer, a clock calculating each second the amount of KW/h saved by all the company’s projects developed so far.

 How does Lighting Help the Environment?

Energy is a universal good that must be used with escalating awareness and planning. Reducing unnecessary consumption is possible when preparing an energy efficiency project, which is supporting and caring for the environment.

Lighting consumes 19% of all electric energy worldwide. Thus, finding alternate sources to replace high energy consumption lighting with more sustainable choices, will immediately affect the use of energy, CO2 emissions, along with the environment and overall improvement of luminous quality.

– Despite numerous technologies aimed at solving and supporting a more sustainable lighting consumption, approximately 67% of lighting systems worldwide are based on outdated and high consumption technological concepts.

– New technologies have been created in order to improve the efficiency of lighting resources, thus exchanging the old technology for the new one is also investing in a more aware and sustainable energy consumption.

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