Luminae manufactures customized luminaires to meet the demands of the client as well as of the space to be illuminated, using exclusive materials such as the imported reflecting mirror.

Luminae provides a number of standard luminaire models. Whether the luminaire is for modular ceiling panels or plaster, whether it is surface-mounted, with glass diffusers, with polycarbonate diffusers, with flaps, etc. Despite following some standards, all luminaire models are customized, noted that the reflecting mirror’s curvature is calculated specifically for each scenario.

Luminaires made by Luminae mix the following features and characteristics:

  • Maximum use of luminous flux generated by the lightbulb, coupled with a reflecting mirror;
  • High energy efficiency;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Ease of fixture and maintenance;
  • In compliance with ABNT lighting standards;
  • Use of dual volt electric reactors;
  • Socket with rotating fit (safer)… Thanks to the high efficiency of the Luminae System, most luminaires carry one single lightbulb, however, depending on the customer’s interested or needs, luminaires with two or even four lightbulbs can be built.

Luminae provides its customers a chance to produce unique luminaires, suitable to their needs and demands.


Light Fixture Types

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