Technical Lighting Projects

Luminae develops technical lighting projects for trade and industry facilities, for new constructions as well as for reorganization or adjustment of already existing installations.  The goal is to reach maximum energy efficiency with the technical lighting system every time, in other words, to maximize lighting quality as well as minimizing energy consumption.

In terms of the system’s quality, the work is carried out to meet the lighting levels demanded by the ABNT (which establishes minimum lighting levels for each function or activity) as well as the customer’s needs. Moreover, it aims at a completely balanced luminosity of each environment, in order to use energy more intelligently and to prevent significant luminosity differences among spots.

Regarding energy consumption, the goal is to achieve maximum energy saving, without harming the quality of the lighting. In some cases, up to 80% savings can be achieved, coupled with the improvement of the technical lighting quality.

How is Luminae able to reach maximum efficiency with its Projects?

Many factors contribute with achieving high energy efficiency results, the main ones are:

  • Use of efficient light bulbs:
    • TL5 Lamps– fluorescent light bulbs with high technology, which are more efficient than regular bulbs; they are labeled as cold light bulbs, which means, they generate little heat. They have greater durability with a lifetime of up to 24 thousand hours.
    • LED Lamps– tubular light bulbs with LED technology manufactured exclusively by Luminae.
  • Use of an exclusive reflecting mirror – imported material, flexible, with changeable curvature, taking advantage of 95% of the lamp’s light beams reflection index, as well as effectively directing luminosity to the place intended to be illuminated.
  • Customization of project and luminaires– a study is carried out according to each specific environment, assessing the demands and lux amount needed for each environment, meeting all ABNT standards. Luminae also develops customized luminaires according to each customer.



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