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About Luminae


Luminae is an electrical engineering company specialized in commercial and industrial lighting, in the public and private spheres. It develops high energy efficiency lighting projects and manufactures its own luminaires.

Aware of current market demands, which require lower and lower costs, and of how important energy saving is, in a world where imposing environmental issues become clearer and stronger every day, Luminae focuses primarily on achieving maximum lighting quality at a minimum energy consumption rate.

Imagem3Specialized in project development as well as in electrical and lighting consultancy services, the company counts on essential aspects to develop its work, such as the use of materials of high quality and technology; the customization of its services and products, as well as the qualifications of its staff.

These traits allow Luminae to provide its customers with up to 80% reduction in energy consumption, and, especially, they allow a quality improvement in lighting which meets the ABNT and/or the customer’s standards. Luminae’s services also extend to company in search of certificates of quality, such as ISO, as well as international certificates of sustainability such as ‘Green Building.’

Our Mission

Contribute to a sustainable development of the planets and of its customers, by means of products, projects and services which provide greater energy efficiency and lowered energy consumption.

Our Vision

To set a benchmark, on a national scale, for the development of technical lighting systems, projects and services, optimizing electricity usage, maximizing lighting quality and minimizing energy consumption, with a focus on sustainability and respect for the environment.

Our Values

* Respect for the environment;* Ethics and transparency in the relationships with customers, suppliers and employees;* Fostering in-house talents, aiming both personal and professional growth;* Development of the collaborator’s pride for the enterprise’s success;* Liberty with accountability;* Excellence in the quality of products, projects and services.

Our Beliefs

We believe that:* Investing in technological research and development will help us meet the market demands;* A widened perception of both internal and external environments is a key practice for Luminae to evolve and remain healthy regarding all aspects;* Focusing the performance on the customer’s needs will keep us in course of organizational competence;* A leading company is one with a free and accountable staff, with a flexible grip and an assertive resilience;* Contributing with environmental sustainability, we are defending our city, our country and the planet;* It is imperative that the working environment is built on motivation, prosperity and quality of life.

Clients & Projects

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