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The environmental issue is at the top of the agenda. The planet urges for more environmentally responsible governments, companies and consumers. Societies show an increasing awareness of the impact in future generations and, thus, value companies committed to this issue more every day.

Within this scenario, Luminae carries out sustainable environmental practices, from purchase of resources, to the choice of each partner, from production logistics to its post-consumption responsibility. Everything is carried out with the commitment to preserve natural resources and minimize the generation of waste. For example, one of these practices which involve the entire product’s lifecycle is the removal to recycling centers of most of its customers’ materials.

Moreover, Luminae is a company which stands out, due to the fact that its contribution to the environment goes the extra mile and is inherent to its performance. The permanent goal of the company is to install highly efficient lighting systems, thus collaborating to an outstanding reduction in energy waste and its consequent demand for more energy generated.

This way, not only does Luminae directly contribute with the preservation of the planet, but it also does so indirectly, by allowing its customers to develop in a more sustainable manner.

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